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Acupressure for Food and Environmental Allergies

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Are you frustrated by the limitations in your daily life due to food or seasonal allergies? Are you experiencing symptoms that you think may be caused by some sort of allergy but unable to figure out where it is coming from? If so, you may want to consider Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, otherwise known as NAET, to help you to identify its source.

What is NAET?

NAET is an acupressure treatment designed to diagnose and treat food and environmental allergies. Acupressure works much like acupuncture only without the needles. NAET is gentle, nontoxic, and safe for both adults and children. The basic principle of NAET is that the body is an energetic field that responds to everything in its environment including: pollens, temperature, people, emotions, etc. Anything you come into contact with can influence your energetic field. This influence can manifest itself as a ‘symptom’ or ‘allergy’ whether it is a runny nose, sneezing, rash, chest pain and headaches.

Allergies and the Conventional Point of View

Conventional medicine looks at allergy as an overreaction of the immune system to an allergen. For example, you may have a runny nose and sneezing in the early fall as the allergen, ragweed, is released in to the air. The conventional treatment for this problem is to use medications such as antihistamines to block histamine receptors and relieve the symptoms (runny nose and sneezing). So now your problems are solved, right? Guess again!

The Issues with Conventional Medicine and Allergies

Here is the problem with the conventional approach to allergies. The medications do not treat the underlying cause of the allergy. While your runny nose and sneezing may have subsided, you are inevitably left with a host of new health issues due to the adverse effects of the drugs.

The NAET Point of View

According to NAET theory, the body is misinterpreting the allergen as a dangerous substance. The symptoms of a runny nose and sneezing are the body’s way to release this substance to prevent it from going deeper into your energetic level. Once the disrupted meridians are identified, they can be safely treated with NAET. This treatment can train the body to not react to the allergen.

The NAET Solution

NAET utilizes applied kinesiology as the diagnostic method to identify which substances inhibit the energetic centers of the body. It works like this: The NAET practitioner will place an item that is being tested in the palm of the patient’s hand. Each major meridian or energy center of the body is tested using applied kinesiology. If the body interprets the substance as a negative item, it will be reflected in the applied kinesiology test. Applied kinesiology was developed in the late 1960’s by Dr. George Goodhart and has been successfully utilized by thousands of practitioners.

There are NAET practitioners throughout the United States. You can find an NAET practitioner by going to www.naet.com.
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