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Do You Know What To Look For In A Good Quality Supplement?

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The body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals to support immunity function, promote normal growth, and keep cells & organs performing at optimum levels.

Ideally, we would get all the necessary nutrients from our diet. Due to excess processing, our food supply is deficient in these nutrients. This is why supplementation is important.

To benefit from supplementation, be sure to buy your supplements from reputable companies that verify and guarantee their products.

Below are a few tips to help make it easier to determine the difference between good quality natural supplements and those which are synthetic.

What To Look For

When choosing a quality product, read the entire label. Pay close attention to the section labeled, 'Other Ingredients'. Much information on the quality of a supplement can be gleaned from that section. This part of the label may also reveal whether the manufacturer is using synthetic or natural, bio-identical forms of ingredients.

Consult with a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner about your supplements. He or she should be able to verify what is in the ingredients by asking the companies for their product certification. This is a good way to be sure that the labels reflect what is in the supplements.

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What To Avoid

Avoid dyes such as FD&C Blue No.2 Aluminum Lake, FD&C Red No.40 Aluminum Lake, and FD&C Yellow No.6 Aluminum Lake. These are coloring agents derived from coal tar and contain aluminum atoms.

Aluminum can compete with calcium absorption. Elevated aluminum levels in the body have also been linked to Alzheimer's disease and other health complications according to a report in the June 2011 issue of Neuroscience Bulletin.

Many supplement products also list 'hydrogenated oils', which contain trans fatty acids. This ingredient is associated with a host of health issues including obesity, heart disease, & cancer.

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