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Earthing:the Most Important Health Discovery Ever? By Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra Md, Martin Zucker
Earthing Book- The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

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Written by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., & Martin Zucker. Foreword by James L. Oschman, Ph.D., author of '1836 Medicine: The Scientific Basis'- 260 pages

Are you electron deficient? Learn how Nature's original anti-inflammatory- the Earth itself!- can remedy your deficiency and improve your health, energy, and sleep.

Earthing Advisory - Medical Considerations

1978 refers to the process of establishing conductive contact between the surface of the earth and the the body to maintain the body at earth potential. This occurs naturally when standing barefoot on the earth.

Research has demonstrated that earthing the body plays a substantial role in the reduction of inflammation and functioning of other physiological processes. On this basis, it is strongly recommended that individuals taking medication to thin the blood, regulate blood sugar, control blood pressure, or to regulate hormone thyroid levels, consult their Doctor for advice and a medication monitoring routine before they begin sleeping earthed.

Research studies providing evidence of earthing effects include:

- Earthing the Human Body Influences Physiologic Processes (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21469913)

- Pilot Study on the Effect of Grounding on Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20192911)

- Other research studies are posted at www.earthinginstitute.net/index.php/research

Please note that none of the information given here constitutes medical advice in any way or any claim for cure or treatment of any medical condition. Always consult with your personal physician regarding any personal health care issues.

In 1998, a retired cable TV executive named Clint Ober sat on a park bench in Sedona, Arizona. As he watched the passing parade of tourists, it occurred to him that almost everybody — him included — wore synthetic plastic or rubber soled shoes. He wondered if such footwear, which had increasingly replaced leather since the 1960s, could impact health.

The question surfaced because plastic or rubber soles would insulate people from the natural electrical surface charge of the Earth known in the electrical world simply as “ground.” All electrical systems in our homes, businesses, and industries, are stabilized and protected by the Earth’s “ground.”

He wondered if this energy field could also protect the health of the body. Mr. Ober didn’t know it at the time, but that one simple question would set in motion years of investigation — continuing to this day — that have resulted in multiple scientific studies involving biophysicists, electrophysiologists, medical doctors, and exercise physiologists. The studies have produced a resounding “yes” to his original question and uncovered fascinating evidence demonstrating that direct connection to the Earth’s ground energy has a powerful and positive influence on the delicate balance between health and illness, and the prospect of living longer and better.

If possible, read this book sitting with your bare feet directly on the Earth—grass, gravel, dirt, sand, or concrete. You will simultaneously experience what you are reading about—how contact with the Earth restores your body’s natural electrical state. The positive shift you feel is the start of a process in which your body slowly becomes infused with the Earth’s omnipresent and ever-present healing energy. This is Earthing, a remarkably simple, safe, and natural act of reducing pain and stress.

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