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Earth Bliss Oil Roll On- 1/3 Fl Oz

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- Enhances or produces recalciflcation of osteopenic bone
- Helps to gradually restore normal activity
- Maintain long-term health and longevity, as well as pain relief
- A unique blend of essential oils

Notes from Dr Shealy about The Ring of Earth:

Earth Bliss – The Ring of Earth significantly increases calcitonin levels within one hour of initial stimulation. Calcitonin was discovered in 1961 and has been widely used clinically for the treatment of Paget’s disease, hypercalcimia, osteoporosis, and for relief of bone pain. Calcitonin is a hormone produced by the thyroid gland and is secreted in response to high levels of calcium in the blood. It lowers the level of calcium by inhibiting bone resorption or the dissolution of bony tissues. Calcitonin plays a role in pain relief and has been noted for its analgesic effects in bone metastases in a variety of cancers, as well as in phantom limb pain. It also enhances or produces recalciflcation of osteopenic bone and has been used for treatment of peptic ulcers.

Osteoporosis is thinning of the bone through reduction in bone mass due to depletion of calcium and bone protein. Osteoporosis predisposes individuals to fractures, which are often slow to heal and heal poorly. It is more common in older adults, particularly post-menopausal women, in patients taking steroids, and in those taking steroidal drugs. Unchecked, osteoporosis can lead to changes in posture, physical abnormality (particularly in the form of a hunchback, known colloquially as “Dowager’s Hump”), and decreased mobility. The food and drug administration, or FDA, has approved a calcitonin salmon nasal spray, as well as the injectable form for treatment of osteoporosis. However, the nasal spray may cause ulceration, inflammation of the nose or rhinitis, nosebleeds, and even sinusitis.

Non-osteoporotic vertebral fractures have been quite successfully treated with calcitonin, with the pain being reduced very rapidly, and the pain relief allowing for earlier mobilization and gradually restoration of activity.

Considering the fact that electrical stimulation of thirteen acupuncture points with the Ring of Earth can raise calcitonin up to 80 percent, this appears to be a very natural and safe approach without the risk of pharmaceutically available salmon calcitonin. At least it is human calcitonin produced in that particular human’s body! Hip fracture is a leading cause of death in the elderly; thus stimulation of the Ring of Earth appears to have a major potential for maintaining long-term health and longevity, as well as pain relief. It should also be of use in astronauts. A patent has been applied for. For those over 60, the Ring of Earth may be even more crucial than any other in preventing osteoporosis.

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