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The Guide to a Dairy-Free Diet



Dairy sensitivities are occurring at epidemic rates and may be responsible for causing or aggravating many common digestive, behavioral, and health issues. You will learn:

  • Why conventional milk and dairy products are not a healthy choice for you
  • Why dairy products are not necessary for healthy bones or as a source of calcium
  • Why eating a dairy-free diet may be what you need to achieve your optimal health

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Table of contents

Got No Milk
Conventional Milk
Intolerances and Allergies Associated with Milk
Understanding Casein
Other Forms of Dairy
Alternatives to Dairy
Why You Should Avoid Soy
How to Go Dairy-Free
What About Calcium?
Dairy-Free Meal Ideas, Tips, and Recipes

Appendix A: Dairy-Free Start-Up Shopping Guide
Appendix B: Restaurant Guide