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Cys Replete - 180 Capsules

Cys Replete - 180 Capsules

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Product Overview

CysReplete contains cysteine, which is an excellent source of sulfur. Sulfur is essential for the metabolism of 43 major chemical pathways and over 100 minor pathways. This includes glutathione, which is a crucial component of toxin maintenance.

CysReplete contains cysteine, along with selenium and folic acid. Cysteine supports immune health, normal toxin maintenance, normal glutathione levels, many metabolic pathways, as well as protein synthesis and structure. Selenium is important when using cysteine supplementation because it supports neuron health by interfering with the undesirable binding of methylmercury that can occur when supplementing with cysteine. This is a fact that many cysteine supplements have overlooked.

CysReplete is recommended when using NeuroReplete and D5 because both products utilize sulfur when supporting normal neurotransmitter levels. The body does not store excess sulfur. Therefore, without replenishing, sulfur depletion can occur. The impact of sulfur depletion may not be immediately evident. The loss of adequate sulfur may show subtle changes in immune health, toxin maintenance, metabolic function and protein health that slowly decreases overall health.

Suggested Dosing

Suggested Dosing:

CysReplete should be used in combination with NeuroReplete or D5 to prevent serotonin and catecholamine depletion. CysReplete can be used with NeuroReplete or D5 as a stand-alone approach to brain health or in combination with other CHK Nutrition products.

CysReplete dosing (or take as recommended by your healthcare professional):

  • 2 pills of CysReplete at noon (to reduce the likelihood of GI upset, do not take CysReplete prior to noon)
  • 2 pills of CysReplete approximately 4 to 5 hours before bedtime (same time as NeuroReplete/D5 afternoon dose)
  • 2 pills of CysReplete at bedtime

Pregnant or nursing women should consult with their healthcare professional before taking NeuroReplete, D5 or CysReplete

Side Effects:

The most common side effect of CysReplete is usually GI upset. Other side effects may include heartburn, gas and bloating.

Healthcare professionals – educating your patients in advance that some patients experience stomach upset when starting CysReplete is the best way to prevent patients walking away from amino acid support. If your patient experiences GI upset, instruct them to stop their amino acid supplements until they can consult with you on how to best manage this issue. CHK Nutrition has a separate brochure for the management of side effects.

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