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Olive Gold Ozone Lotion - 4fl oz

Olive Gold Ozone Lotion - 4fl oz

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A MIRACULOUS Multi-Purpose Topical Lotion,
for Health and Beauty that May Help With:

Neutralizing toxins by Adding an Abundance of Ozone/Oxygen plus other Vital Harmonious Elements
Creating Greater Brain Function, for Alertness and Mental Clarity
Oxygen Enriched Blood
More Energy to the Muscles, Providing Greater Performance with Less Ache and Pain
Enhancing the Metabolism, allowing better Digestion and Detoxification
Superior Assimilation of Nutrition
The Ability to Neutralize Harmful Pathogens, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus and Chemicals, etc.
Smoothing Fine Lines & Wrinkles, adding Texture to the Skin
Assisting Production of Collagen
Protecting, Nourishing and Moisturizing the Skin
Helping to Resolve a Variety of Skin and Related Issues
Increasing a Reserve of the Body’s Oxygen
Promoting a Greater Life Force
Radiant Appearance & Health!

What Is Olive Gold O3?

Olive Gold 03 is a perfect proprietary blend of SUPER OXYGEN, in an all natural organic olive oil base,
with super-charged vitamins (A, B’s, C, D, & E), 72 minerals, alpha-lipoic acid, Exotic Botanical Essence and fragrance.
OG3 inherently is hypoallergenic.
Nothing harmful to humans or animals can live in it.

Contains no: corn, sugar, soy, starch, wheat, yeast, preservatives, synthetics, or GMO derived sources known.

OG3 is Multi-Purpose lotion for health and beauty which may help:
Provide more energy to muscles (ozone/oxygen content) resulting in greater performance and less pain.
Provide greater brain function for mental clarity
Provide abundant oxygen to enrich the blood
Enhance metabolism, allowing better digestion and detoxification
Neutralize pathogens, bacteria, viruses fungus and chemicals
Provide a healthy younger looking skin

Uses Of Olive Gold 03

ACNE- Apply OG3 after washing your face, or using a facial clay mask.
Circulation to the skin is improved, as it helps to detoxify and prevent blemishes.

ADD/DHD/BIPOLAR- Apply OG3 around the heart, both temples, back of neck and underside of both wrists. In about 10 minutes a calming and feeling of well-being should manifest.

ATHLETE'S FOOT- Wash and clean feet. Apply OG3 to dried area, 2-3x's daily. Ozone/Oxygen, is a very strong anti-fungal.

BRUISES- Inflammation is reduced after OG3 is applied, helping to strengthen the cell tissue, as is assists to quickly heal.

CHAPPED LIPS- Moisturize lips by applying OG3 and feel your skin become nourished.

CUTS, WOUNDS AND BED SORES- OG3 is a foremost choice for FIRST-AID REMEDY. Various skin abrasions, sores, wounds, and scrapes are gently disinfected with strong healing and disinfecting capability. OG3 may act similar to anesthetic with little or no sting. Ozone creates Oxygen, producing a rich flow of blood, binding hemoglobin, as it relieves and repairs.

EAR ACHE/TINNITIS- Apply OG3 to painful area. Lightly massage in as pain begins to lessen. In addition, soak a small cotton ball in OG3 and carefully place in outer ear.

LIVER DETOXIFICATION- Before bed, apply 1/2 Tsp. of OG3 over liver area. This helps speed detoxification of liver. There's a great synergy with the appropriate nutritional supplements. The results are amazingly fast.

Additional Uses:

Mosquito Bites & Bee Stings
Nail Fungus
Scalp Conditions
Sun Spots (Fungus)

Undesirable Skin Lesions
Migraine Headache
Heart Pain

Application: A few drops (4-5) goes a long way. Massage gently and as often as needed. May increase amount of drops as needed. 1-2 drops may suffice for cosmetic purposes. Best not to mix with creams, but to use pure.

You only need 3-5 drops of OG3! One bottle will the average person last a long time!


All application of Olive Gold O3 may start with 3-5 drops
and can be increased as needed as the body heals itself.
Healing depends on how deep-rooted the problem is. For cosmetic applications, in many instances,
1-2 drops may satisfy your needs. Mixing other creams with OG3 may cause a reaction.Unknown chemistry of cosmetic may not be compatible. Discontinue use and apply pure OG3
to other areas. Reactive areas should clear relatively shortly thereafter

-ACNE: Apply OG3 after washing your face or using a facial clay mask. Circulation to the skin is improved,
as it helps to detoxify and prevent blemishes. Works great!

-ADD / ADHD / ASTHMA / AUTISM / BIPOLAR: Apply OG3 to the heart, stomach, both temples of forehead, back of neck, both under arms (males - scrotum too), underside of both wrists. In about 10 minutes,
a calming a feeling of well being should manifest. For asthma, apply 5-6 drops on back. A feeling of relief should follow!

-ALLERGIES / SINUS / TOOTHACHE: The same as for migraine headache. Also apply a few drops around nose and eyes.
For toothache, apply on outer area of mouth.

-ATHLETE'S FOOT: Wash and clean feet. Apply OG3 to dried area 2-3 times daily.
Ozone/ Oxygen is a very strong anti-fungal agents.

-BRUISES: Inflammation is reduced after OG3 is applied, healing to strengthen the cell tissue as it assists to quickly heal.

-CHAPPED LIPS / CELLULITE: Moisturize lips by applying OG3 and feel your skin become nourished. Lips soften
while it helps rapidly heal and kill pain. For cellulite apply directly to area as needed.

-CRADLE CAP: Apply a mixture of 1/2 tsp of OG3 with equal parts of mild organic, natural,or baby shampoo to the scalp. Healing should begin as inflammation decreases.

CUTS, WOUNDS AND BED SORES: OG3 is like a fist aid remedy in a bottle. Various skin abrasions, sores, wounds, and scrapes are gently disinfected with a strong healing capability. OG3 may act similar to anesthetic with little or no sting.
Ozone creates oxygen, producing a rich flow of blood, binding hemoglobin, and it relieves and repairs.

-DIAPER RASH: Apply OG3 2 times daily. It helps heal and reduce inflammation quickly. Babies love it!

DERMATITIS / ECZEMA /PSORIASIS: Apply OG3 2 times daily to affected areas.
For lipodermic bath, add 1-2 tsp. This should produce a soothing and healing effect.

EARACHE / TINNITIS: Apply OG3 gently to painful area. Lightly massage as pain begins to lesson.
Soak a small cotton ball in OG3 and carefully place into outer ear.

-HEMORRHOIDS AND FISSURES: To relieve itching, pain and irritation, apply OG3 to anal area, 2-3X daily until healed.

-LIVER DETOXIFICATION: Before bed, take rub a few drops of OG3 around liver area. It helps speed
detoxification of liver. It synergizes with the supplements for quicker, better results!

-MOSQUITO, SPIDER AND ANT BITES / BEE STINGS: Apply OG3 to area and rub gently.
It acts as an antiseptic, relieving pain while taking the itch out and promoting healing.

-MUSCULAR ACHES AND PAINS: Massage OF3 onto affected area.
Muscular spasm and cramps receive relief almost instantly.
It's great for lower back and neck, arthritis, and other pain. OG3 along with a health practitioner can do wonders!

- NAIL FUNGUS - Carefully cut nail as needed, to expose fungus and apply OG3. Bandage as necessary.
Fungus and bacteria cannot live in highly ozonated/oxygenated environments.

-PERSPIRATION / UNDER ARM IRRITATION: Rub in gently until absorbed. OG3 is completely gentle, safe, effective and neutralizes odor. Will not stain clothing! OG3 will not cause rashes the delicate tissue. For females, the major lymph nodes (vital circulatory system) are under the arms, and for men, the scrotum.
OG3 allows the lymphatic system to breath as never before!

-SCALP CONDITIONS / DANDRUFF, etc.: Wash hair and massage OG3 into scalp.
Wrap hair in a warm towel and leave for 1/2 - 1 hour as needed.

-SHINGLES (Herpes Zoster): Apply OG3 2-3 times daily. Lesions may heal very fast, while pain subsides.

-SUNBURN/ BURNS: Provides instant relief to burns and rash, including sunburn. Will not cause blistering.

-SUN SPOTS (Fungus): Sun Sports rapidly disappear. OG3 has a soothing moisturizing anti-fungal action.
Apply directly to area at least 2 times daily.

-UNDESIRABLE SKIN LESIONS: Mix a few drops OG3 with liquid vitamin D.
Apply a few drops to lesions 2-3 times daily or as desired.

-MIGRAINE HEADACHE: Apply 4-5 drops of OG3 to both sides of temple and forehead and back of neck.
Also, massage in upper corner of eyes, above the nose.

-HEART ACHE & PAIN: Apply drops of OG3 around the heart as needed.

-FOR DOGS, CATS, & HORSE, etc.: Bites, pain, and other issues is relieved, redness and inflammation is reduced,
and skin heals with OG3. Dilute with olive oil and with a sponge, apply 1-2 drops to affected area for smaller
animals or 3-6 drops for larger animals. Dogs benefit from applications under paws and inner ear. Horses enjoy
application to chest and ears. Add to food for shinier and healthier coat (1 drop per 3 table spoons olive oil).

-PREVENTION AND MAINTENANCE: For best results, apply OG3 at least 1-2x daily. After shower or bath, massage underarms, around the heart, back of neck, and elsewhere as needed. It should fully absorb in 10-15 minutes.
Can be applied to face, back and temples

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