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Zen-ph Optimizer- 180 grams

Zen-ph Optimizer- 180 grams

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Potassium is an essential mineral needed to regulate water balance as well as pH and blood pressure. Furthermore, potassium’s main job is to maintain hydration in the cell and is a principal item regulating nerve impulses. It is also crucial for maintaining normal muscle function.

Potassium is the positively charged action in the inside of the cells, while sodium is principally found outside the cells. Inside the cell, potassium has a concentration of approximately 145mEq/L as compared to 4mEq/L in the extracellular environment. The typical diet of Western culture includes the high consumption of dairy products, grains, and meats which can result in excess acid build-up in the body. As a result the kidney is often unable to remove this excess acid quickly enough, resulting in mildly elevated blood acidity. The excess acid released in the body stimulates the breakdown of muscle.

In addition, the body neutralizes the acidity by releasing calcium from the bones, which, over time, can lead to decreased bone density and possibly osteoporosis. The combination of reduced muscle strength and osteoporosis sets the stage for falls, fractures, and ultimately functional decline. Zen-ph Optimizer contains Potassium bicarbonate, a base supplement that can neutralize acid in the body in order to prevent muscle breakdown and improve healthy bone density. Furthermore, potassium bicarbonate can be helpful for maintaining a normal blood pressure.

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