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The Guide to a Gluten-Free Diet

The Guide to a Gluten-Free Diet

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See why ingesting gluten from wheat, barley, rye, and other grains may be detrimental to your health. Gluten sensitivity is not being properly diagnosed in nearly 97% of patients suffering from chronic illnesses. Gluten sensitivity may be responsible for: ADHD, autoimmune disorders, cancer, depression, reflux, thyroid disorders, obesity, and osteoporosis. This book will help you improve your health by eliminating gluten from your diet.

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Table Of Contents : Understanding Gluten
Celiac Disease
Why Avoid Gluten?
Gluten, The Thyroid, and Autoimmune Disorders
Gluten and Bowel Disorders
Gluten and Brain Disorders
Gluten and Autism
Transitioning to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle
Eating Out and Staying Gluten-Free
Children and a Gluten-Free Lifestyle
Cooking and Preparing Gluten-Free
Gluten-Free Meal Ideas, Tips, and Recipes

Appendix A: Celiac Disease and Other Gluten-Free Resources
Appendix B: Gluten-Free Start-Up Shopping Guide
Appendix C: Restaurant Guide

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