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Xylo Sweet®- 1lb Bag (454g)

Xylo Sweet®- 1lb Bag (454g)

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What is Xylitol? Pure xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar. It is a naturally occurring 5-carbon sugar alcohol found in many fruits and vegetables and produced in small amounts by the human body. Xylitol is only slowly absorbed and partially utilized; therefore allowing a reduced calorie claim, 2.4 calories per gram or 40% less than other carbohydrates and none of the negative tooth decay or insulin release effects of sugar. It also has a low glycemic index (7) and has little effect on blood sugar levels. In addition, the body does not require insulin to metabolize xylitol, which has made it a widely used sweetener for the diabetic diet in some countries. In the U.S., xylitol is approved as a food additive in unlimited quantity for foods with special dietary purposes.

Xylitol Sources: Xylitol is found widely in nature, most of the fruits and vegetables that we eat on a daily basis have small amounts of xylitol. For commercial purposes xylitol comes from two sources: corncobs or trees. Even though the end resulting product is the same, the process to extract it from these two sources is not. Corncobs are our preferred source for xylitol, since it is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly. They are a renewable resource and are normally wasted at the end of a harvest season. Using corncobs that take 5 months to grow as a source for xylitol is much more sustainable and replenishable than using trees that take 20 years to grow or more.

Recommended By: Xylitol is recommended by dentist, medical doctors, periodontists, pediatricians, and many health organizations and health professionals worldwide as a sweetener for anyone concerned with dental health, upper respiratory health, and sugar consumption, in general.

What is XyloSweet ® Sweetener? XyloSweet ®, a xylitol-based sweetener, is the sweetest of all bulk sugar substitutes. Currently used in many sugar-free products, it is increasingly gaining acceptance as an alternative sweetener; using it may reduce the risk of tooth decay. Unlike artificial sweeteners, our sweetners contains all-natural xylitol — nothing else!

XyloSweet ® Facts: •Zero carbohydrates •Just as sweet and tasteful as table sugar with 1/3 fewer calories (~ 2.4 calories/gram versus sugar's 4.0) •Glycemic index: 7 •Made of a naturally-occurring substance found in fruits and vegetables like plums, strawberries, and corn. •Approved by both the World Health Organization and the FDA as safe in unlimited quantities as a food additive. •Has a chemical structure different than that of table sugar (sucrose) •May, in some cases of excessive consumption, have a laxative effect or cause gas until the body becomes accustomed to the sweetener in larger quantities.

Uses in Cooking:
XyloSweet ® is interchangeable with sugar for most cooking applications.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon (4g)

Servings per container: 113

Amount per serving:

Calories 9.60% Daily Value

Total Fat: 0mg / 0%Daily Value

Sodium: 0mg / 0% Daily Value

Total Carbohydrates: 4mg / Less than 1% Daily Value

Sugars: 0g / 0% Daily Value

Xylitol: 4g / Less than 1% Daily Value

Protein: 0g / 0% Daily Value

Percent Daily Valuers are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Not a significant source of other nutrients.

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